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About Us


About Us


With One L was formed by owner Danielle Avery. With One L launched on June 19, 2017. We are a women’s clothing company, promoting the values and morals of the modest woman in the 21st century.  Our mission is to promote modesty to women of all religions and ethnicities. Modesty is defined as a behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency. At With One L, our focus is our customer! We strive to provide classy, affordable and quality clothing for women of all ages.

The idea to start With One L was formed when Danielle was a teen. As she matured into adulthood, she was more aware of how modesty is necessary in today’s society. The intention of the vision behind selecting clothing is to promote moral and modest principles to all women while incorporating Apostolic (Christian) principles that Danielle was brought up on.

Why name my boutique With One L? I'm glad you asked! While in high school, like any other teen, I went to take the driver's license test. After I passed on my first try, I was faced with the issue of my birth certificate and social security card showing my first name spelled "Daniele" instead of "Danielle" which didn't match my learner's permit. Once I proved to the state that I was in fact who I said I was, I had to take my driving test over and passed for the second time! This issue became comical amongst my friends in school. Which led to another classmate named Danielle and I to greet each other by saying "Hey Danielle with 2 l's" and she would respond "Hey Daniele with one l".

With One L aims to provide women with fashionable options to what is offered in traditional modest boutiques. Danielle’s vision doesn’t just stop at defining the outer appearance. We believe that modesty has to be a lifestyle, a thought pattern, and the reflection of self-worth/respect!

We also intend to donate yearly to charities that promote women’s wellness and to help rebuild the family structure. Danielle is a single mom of a beautiful 5 year old daughter. Through her life experiences, Danielle is passionate about rebuilding the family structure and letting women know that they too can make it! Always remember Habakkuk 2:2 and Proverbs 31! Be Blessed.