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COVID-19 Updates

During the pandemic, business has been great but USPS has taken a drastic hit! I received notification from a few customers that their package was re-routed or delayed. I pride myself on excellent customer service given my background in retail/customer service. I wanted to let you know that we apologize for any delay in shipping. Below are a few tips I suggest you take if you order:

  • If you order priority mail, note that your order will take a few extra days. USPS has sent packages from Delaware (where With One L operates) to the destination area of Philadelphia, and back to Wilmington! This is INSANE but totally out of our control. 
  • Please contact USPS for any delay in shipping or if you choose Priority Mail shipping, please check your tracking on the USPS website.
  • Please allow a few additional days for your package to arrive before reporting to me. First class and priority mail takes at least 1-3 business days. Due to COVID-19 and the defunding of the USPS, service centers aren't operating at their highest capacity and there will be a slight delay. 
  • If your package has tracking, please report any lost/stolen packages to USPS for your refund!!! USPS will open an investigation and refund you your money! WITH ONE L is not responsible for the USPS mistakes.
  • If any packages are returned to me, I will resend the shipment at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU! 
  • I will try my best to work/assist you in searching for your package in contacting USPS because I have a personal connection with most of my customers but as I am trying to grow With One L, I can not check up on each order. 
  • Please allow at least a week to receive your package before ordering. Yes my processing time is super fast, same day even, but USPS will not be the same. 

I appreciate you all and I pray you understand in these times. I continue to thank you for your business because without you, there would be no With One L! Thank you for believing in modesty and me!